Services offered by Indian High Commission, New Zealand  


All foreign nationals, including children require visa to enter India. This High Commission has jurisdiction over New Zealand, Republic of Samoa, Republic of Kiribati and Republic of Nauru.

Visas can be applied for in person or by post at the High Commission of India, 180 Molesworth Street, Wellington by persons resident in New Zealand, Samoa, Kiribati and Nauru. The applicants not ordinarily resident in New Zealand may also apply for visa. However, processing of their applications will take a minimum of ten working days from the date of receipt of the application.

All applicants are advised to make their firm bookings/travel plans only after issue of visas as confirmed bookings will not be accepted as a ground for expediting visas.

Feedbacks received from applicants indicates that visas are received by them much faster when applications, complete in all respects, are made direct to the High Commission.

All application sent through post/courier must be accompanied by self addressed courier pack.
1. Please check with your courier company regarding delivery status of your application.
2. No telephonic/fax/e-mail queries regarding receipt of applications, status of visas, passports or miscellaneous services will be entertained before the time limit indicated for processing the different services. Processing time of applications is reckoned from the date of delivery.

EMERGENCIES: Holidays, business trips, confirmed bookings made before obtaining visa do not qualify as emergencies and will not be treated as such. Emergencies by definition refer to unexpected urgent situation. Emergency applications must be supported by documentary evidence.

General Requirements for Visa
Please read the following requirements carefully :
* Original passport valid for at least six months
* Mode of Payment of Fees: At High Commission’s Counter – payable by banker’s cheque. By Courier/Post – Only by banker’s cheque  in favour of “High Commission of India, Wellington” payable at Wellington. Cash, personal cheques, company cheques and credit cards will not be accepted. It may also be noted that fees once received will not be refunded under any circumstances, even if the application is withdrawn by the applicant or services are not provided to the individual as his/her case does not qualify for that particular service.
- For any request for grant of visa in emergency after office hours and on holidays, an additional amount of NZ$ 90/- is charged. Such services are provided only in case of genuine emergency, such as death or serious illness in the family.
- Two recent passport- size photographs
- Supporting documents, where necessary
- Duly completed visa application form signed by the applicant himself/herself
- A self-addressed return courier pack, if application is made by post
- For business visa, a letter/invitation from Indian company or business dealing proof to be attached to the application.
- US passport holders are required to add NZ$ 50/- to their visa fee.
- Visa fee once paid will not be refunded even if no service is rendered.
- Incomplete visa applications will not be processed.
- Applications received at the counter will be delivered through courier only, for which self addressed courier pack should be enclosed.

Type of VISAs
Tourist Visa

Persons wishing to visit India for sight-seeing or meeting friends/relatives are normally granted six months tourist visas, effective from the date of issue. Tourist visas are non-extendable and non-convertible. Fee for Tourist Visa is NZ$ 90/-. Click here for the Application Form.

Transit Visas
Transit visas are valid for halts of upto 72 hours in India within 15 days from the date of issue of the visa and must be obtained before departure. Transit visas can’t be obtained from immigration counters at ports of entry in India. Evidence of confirmed onward travel to a destination outside India is required. Fee for Transit Visa is NZ$ 25/-. Click here for the Application Form.

Business Visas
Business visa for three/six months with single/multiple entries is normally issued to those who go to India for business purposes. A letter from the sponsoring company stating the purpose of visit, places and organizations to be visited and duration of visit is required to be submitted along with the visa application. Fee for issue of short-term visa is NZ$ 90/-. Multiple entry business visas from one to five years are granted to foreign businessmen who have set up industrial/business joint ventures in India. For this, the applicant is required to submit a letter from sponsoring company and a letter of invitation from the Indian counterpart company along with visa application. Fee for grant of one year business visa is NZ$ 150/-, and for more than one year NZ$ 300/-. Click here for the Application Form.

Student Visa
It is normally issued for a duration of the course of study. The applicant should submit proof of admission to a recognised educational institution in India. The fee for issue of student visa is NZ$ 170/-. Click here for the Application Form.

Employment Visa
Employment visa is issued to those who are taking up assignment/employment with companies registered in India. A copy of employment contract and proof of registration of employing company are to be furnished. Employment visa is granted initially for a period of one year, extendable further by the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in India, if the job contract continues. The visa fee is charged on the basis of the period of the employment visa applied for. Click here for the Application Form.

Conference Visa
Conference visa is granted for the duration of the conference to those who are going to India for attending conference/seminar etc. A copy each of the letter of invitation and the Government of India’s permission for holding the conference are required for the purpose of processing grant of conference visa. The visa fee is NZ$ 90/-. Click here for the Application Form.

Entry Visa
It is issued to foreign nationals of Indian origin for a period of six months to five years. This type of visa entitles its holder for a continuous stay in India upto six months on each visit. For continuous stay in India for more than six months (180 days), the holder is required to register himself/herself with the FRRO within two weeks of arrival in India. Click here for the Application Form.

Journalist Visa
Journalists and media persons traveling to India for work-related purposes need special clearance. Please contact the Visa Section of the High Commission for further information. Click here for the Application Form.