Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) Cards
A person of Indian origin holding foreign passport, who is not eligible for OCI, can apply for  a PIO card. The holder of PIO card is entitled to visa free entry into India during its validity. The PIO card is issued for a period of 15 years. Its holder is at par with Non-Resident Indians in respect of facilities available to the latter in economic, financial, cultural and educational fields in India. The fee for issue of a PIO Card to a person over 18 years is Bank Cheque of NZ$ 660/-. The fee of issue of a PIO Card to a person below 18 years is Bank Cheque of NZ$ 330/-. For issue of PIO card ; application form, fee, NZ passport and a proof of Indian origin are required. The approximate time taken in issue of the PIO card is 15 working days.

Those persons who are eligible for OCI should apply for OCI as OCI is far better option than PIO. With OCI, a person can remain in India indefinitely, however, with PIO card, a person has to register himself with FRRO, if the stay is more than 180 days. Fee for PIO is more than OCI. Validity of PIO is less than OCI. OCI is valid for lifelong. In case the passport expires, a new OCI visa sticker can be affixed on the new passport. The fee for affixing new "U" visa sticker is NZ$ 12.

Application Form for PIO